New Balance will be making available spikes and trainers to all who attend Foss Running Camp this year at a special reduced camp price.  This will be an excellent opportunity to get a top of the line racing flat/spike or training shoe at a price you will not see in local stores.
So if you need something new, this will be your chance to get them!

Welcome to FOSS Running Camp!

This year we have runners coming to Foss from 75 different high schools from around New England & New York.  And as always we have some very large teams coming, eighteen (18) teams have 10 or more registered, with an even dozen with 15 or more, and three teams bringing 29, 32, and 42 runners, respectively.   All the rest are in the 3-9 range with several being 1-2 runners.  Whether it is that huge number of 42, or the individual runner, we promise to provide all with a great week of training and learning in an ideal setting for running, and also a fantastic week at a beautiful summer camp.  The staff of FRC can't wait for August to get here, and for you to join us there too!!


Foss Running Camp
242 Wiley Pond Road
Strafford, NH 03884

Registration is closed for 2014.  Thank you to the over 550 runners who applied last Fall to Foss for this year's camp.  We do have a wait list going for each week, and when openings become available we will fill them from those lists.

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